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- GAMER'S CHOICE : April 2015

Right after I'd finished the last article, I began testing a lot of new CPUs including Intel Xeon series and then adding them into my list for this article. Despite that the title of this article is best CPU for "Gamers", which implies that I'll only cover both manufacturers(= Intel and AMD)' desktop SKUs, I'd been noticed that several Xeon processors are also able to be used in everyday desktop platform in case they employ either 1150 or 2011 grid array. So I decided to expand the coverage of the sequel from "desktop processors" to "processors that can be used under the desktop platform". See below : the table describes the detail - See how many newbies added in my comparison list.

For your convenience, all Xeons are colored orange while other Intel CPUs are blue and AMD counterparts are green. Speaking of methodology, I ran every game thrice under each resolution per a CPU and peak the median value as the representation value for said CPU. Here are the results.

3DMark 11

3DMark 2013


Aliens vs Predator


Batman : Arkham City


Battlefield 4


Bioshock : Infinite


Crysis : Warhead


Crysis 3


DiRT : Showdown


Hitman : Absolution


Just Cause 2


Lost Planet 2


Metro 2033


Metro : Last Light


Sleeping Dogs


Sniper Elite V2


Tomb Raider


Performance Summary

Well, the most boring part is over. Now we are about to analyze the whole thing we've covered. First, by just adding all the results up, we can earn following graphs : Accumulated Framerate.

On the other hand, we also can yield relative performances for each game by normalizing all values by a certain value. I choose results from Core i7 4960X as denominators for all games. The results are as follow.

Conclusion : Best Gaming CPU for Budget

By using what we've dealt with so far, we can derive following graph: Performance vs Price graph.

Each local maximum implies what can maximize the utility of your budget. Isn't it clear enough?

Thanks for reading the article. Have a nice day!



아래 위젯은 일종의 크라우드펀딩 플랫폼인 티스토리 '밀어주기' 서비스 위젯입니다. 100원부터 3000원까지의 범위 내에서 소액기부가 가능하며, 이런 형태의 펀딩이 성공적일 경우 '이해관계자로부터 독립된 벤치마크' 의 지속 가능한 원동력이 되리라 생각합니다. 물론 후원 없이 제 글을 읽어 주시는 것만으로도 저는 독자 여러분께 감사합니다 :)





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