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- GAMER'S CHOICE : April 2015





Monthly CPU chart comes again! Four new CPUs are added to the list and several price changes are also reflected. Let me get the inroduction part shortened, if you allow, and show you the main part directly. Here's the materials & methods part.



Did you get the newbies? There are four new CPUs from Intel - namely Core i3 4160/4370 and Pentium G3250/3460. In case of Pentium G3250, it is almost identical to the company's 20-year's anniversary SKU, the Pentium G3258, except that G3258 has unlocked multiplier headroom while the former doesn't. Each new SKU replaces its "minus-ten" predecessor at the same price level, respectively.


Here's the result part. In considering the length of the article, I decided to fold each subchapter to keep the longevity of your wheel mouse(or touch screen device). If you're interested in any of titles below, just click to expand.



3DMark 11




3DMark 2013




Aliens vs Predator




Batman : Arkham City




Battlefield 4




Bioshock : Infinite




Crsis : Warhead




Crysis 3




DiRT : Showdown




Hitman : Absolution



Just Cause 2



Lost Planet 2



Metro 2033



Metro : Last Light



Sleeping Dogs



Sniper Elite V2



Tomb Raider


The result part is over. Next is performance summary.



Performance Summary I : Accumulated Framerate






Performance Summary II : Average Relative Performance







By dealing with tons of graphs and data, I conclude each competitor's (average relative) performance against price as below. Length and location of each bar indicates the level of performance you may get, if you buy it, at a certain price level. Local maximum means the best performance for the budget. Let's have a look.



I roughly devided the price level into five - sub 100,000 KRW(= $100), 100,000~200,000 KRW, 200,000~300,000 KRW, 300,000~400,000 KRW, and over 400,000 KRW - and tried to pick three per each (for example, each one from those among ~130,000 / ~170,000 / ~200,000 for "100,000~200,000 KRW" category) for my own recommendation. The result is:


Editor's recommendation for sub 100,000 KRW :

- Intel Celeron G1850

- Intel Pentium G3250

- AMD FX-4350

* honorable mention : Intel Pentium G3258 - though it is identical to G3250, simply, it is overclockable!


Editor's recommendation for 100,000~200,000 KRW :

- AMD FX-8300

- Intel Core i3 4370

- Intel Core i5 4590

* honorable mention : AMD FX-6350, Intel Core i3 4350


Editor's recommendation for 200,000~300,000 KRW :

- Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3

* honorable mention : Intel Core i5 4690


Editor's recommendation for 300,000~400,000 KRW :

- Intel Core i7 4790

- Intel Core i7 4790K


Editor's recommendation for over 400,000 KRW :



...That's all for this month. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!




아래 위젯은 일종의 크라우드펀딩 플랫폼인 티스토리 '밀어주기' 서비스 위젯입니다. 100원부터 3000원까지의 범위 내에서 소액기부가 가능하며, 이런 형태의 펀딩이 성공적일 경우 '이해관계자로부터 독립된 벤치마크' 의 지속 가능한 원동력이 되리라 생각합니다. 물론 후원 없이 제 글을 읽어 주시는 것만으로도 저는 독자 여러분께 감사합니다 :)





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