Author : Daeguen Lee

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It seems clear that NVIDIA's coming two-GPU product, the TITAN-Z, will run at 705MHz at base and 875MHz at its boost state, according to several sources. Compared to my first assumption (, base clock slows down a little bit (711MHz -> 705MHz) while boost clock goes higher (811MHz -> 875MHz) by 7.8%. Since gaming performances in general stick together with GPU's boost clock rather than base clock, there's no doubt to believe that the performance of TITAN-Z is also increased by around 7%. Here's (maybe) the last speculation for its performance. Let's see:

Based on new boost profile, the TITAN-Z is anticipated to be 69% faster than original TITAN (not TITAN Black) and win current 2-GPU product, the GTX 690, by 32% or less. FYI, there's also attached a "speculative" performance for already-launched counterpart : Radeon R9 295X2.

The 295X2 gain the score 84% higher than that of 290X. By assuming that performances of GTX TITAN and R9 290X are roughly same, we can compare those two score -speculative performances of TITAN-Z and 295X2- directly : 169%p vs 184%p. In other words, coming TITAN-Z would be slower than existing 295X2 by more or less 8%.

Well, my part is finally over (for this generation). Let's just wait until the TITAN-Z is formally unveiled, and check whether my speculation is right or not. Stay tuned!



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